Go Touring Through Alibaug!



Dashrath Patel Museum

Padmashri Dashrath Patel is among India's senior artists and was the first director of education of The National Institute of Design, (NID-Ahmedabad). The museum proudly displays six decades of Dashrath Patel's path-breaking work in painting, ceramics, photography and design that can be experienced in totality, in his own presence. A journey through his work presents the viewer with a unique opportunity to enter the complex cartographic grid of the development of 'form language' in contemporary India.



Kanakeshwar Devasthan

The Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple is located 13 km from Alibaug. It is a popular Shiva temple on a small hill, 1200 feet high. You have to climb a flight of around 750 well-paved steps. The fatigue of the uphill climb vanishes as soon as you enter the scenic premises of the temple. Shiva is the main deity at the temple alongside various small shrines. Behind the temple is an ancient red stone water tank, called a "Pushkarni", which has water almost throughout the year.

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Alibaug Beach

Alibaug Beach is the main beach of the town. It is a black-sand beach which offers a panoramic view of the Kolaba fort from the shores. The ruins of the fort are clearly visible from the beach which can be easily accessed by waddling through the waters at low tide or a short boat ride during high tide. There is a Mazhar of Ali Shah Bawa in the middle of the town and the beach has been named after him.


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Karmarkar Museum

Karmarkar Museum is located in Sasawane, approximately 18 km from Alibaug, on the Alibaug-Rewas Road. More than 150 beautiful sculptures are made by the late Nanasaheb Karmarkar which are displayed here at his own bungalow.




Akshi Beach

Akshi Beach is located 5 km from Alibaug Bus Depot, on Alibag-Readanda Road. It is a beautiful white sandy beach surrounded by cypress groves, that makes it a favourite spot amongst birdwatchers and nature lovers. Akshi is an evergreen fishermen village, it isn’t crowded and hence a quiet and unexplored beach.



Kihim Beach

Kihim Beach is situated 12 km from Alibaug towards the north. It’s surrounded by various trees with colourful butterflies, coconut trees and wildflowers. Kihim Beach retains its natural beauty as it is quite secluded. Beautiful migratory and resident birds are found in abundance at the beach.



Revdanda Fort


Revdanda Fort is located around 17 km from Alibaug and is also known as Revdanda Aagarkot. The fort was built by a Portuguese Captain, Soj in 1558. From the fort, tourists can view Revdanda Port. The Salav Bridge at the port connects Murud and Alibaug, and offers a complete view of the port, beach and Revdanda Fort covered with betel nut plantations.




The Kolaba Fort

The Kolaba Fort dates back to more than 300 years and was constructed by the Maratha warrior, Shivaji Maharaj in 1680. It has two main entrances, one at the seaside and the other towards Alibaug. The walls of the fort are 25 ft in height, 350 ft wide and 900 ft long. The fort gained prominence due to the various battles between the Marathas and the Siddis, the British and the Portuguese.




Nagaon Beach


Located on the shores of the Arabian sea, Nagaon beach is 9 km away from Alibaug's city centre. Lined with palms, betel, and suru trees, this beach is most famous for its cleanliness and for hosting water-based adventure activities.